No Hurry

Yutang Lin

Mindful of impermanence
Wishing to escape suffering and attain happiness through practicing Dharma
One should be bravely determined
To renounce worldly engagements sooner
So as to dedicate all one's efforts to Dharma endeavors

If one had already renounced worldly matters to devote oneself to Dharma
It should be clearly understood that
It is not a matter of just one day and one night
One can only progress gradually step by step
Keeping a thin stream constantly flowing
With the aim of attaining realizations at the long last

Certainly one knows not how many days and hours
Are still left in the remainder of this life
Eagerly expecting fruits only adds mental hindrance
Simply have faith in the law of causal consequences
If this life ends without full enlightenment
May continuous efforts from life to life
Eventually accumulate and yield the fruit of full liberation

Views should be thorough and harmonious
Practices depend on no breaking and no pausing
The rest is only a natural process of growth and maturity
No way to hurry it up
Nor can it be compelled by any force

Therefore I often said to disciples
No hurry
Do it slowly

And hope that they all can
Be relaxed and work slowly
Remain safe and sound
In accomplishing the great Dharma career that will last forever

Written in Chinese and translated on December 14, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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