Extending Kindness

Yutang Lin

Having received some presents
Especially the exquisite ones
Often one feels reluctant to offer them to others
The main reason being
Feeling of gratitude to the presenter's thoughtfulness
   Instead of enjoying it, offered it

Only by turning thoughts to
Wishing to extend such kindness
So that others may share
And the original presenter may expand good causal connections
Can the mental lock of gratitude and remembrance be released
To re-offer the presents to others
   In practicing almsgiving and sharing of enjoyments

Exquisite objects
Some would last longer than human lives
Having had the opportunity to enjoy and keep them
For a while would be enough
   Why need to render it into something to worry about
Taking the opportune opportunity on hand
Change ownership and caretakership to someone who appreciates
And add a bit of delights to the mundane life of people

Written in Chinese and translated on November 29, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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