Boundless beyond Spatial and Temporal Limitations

Yutang Lin

Boundlessness of Bodhicitta
Spatially it expands endlessly in the ten directions
Temporally it continues without interruption in the three times
Such expansion would seem sufficient
And yet it could hardly avoid the conceptual limitation of
A fixed spatial/temporal point in subconsciousness

The Bodhi activities of Bodhisattva Universal Virtues
Revealed that within any tiny bit of dirt
Namely inside infinitesimal unit of spatial/temporal continuum
There are fully present
Immeasurable Purelands, Buddhas, Holy Assemblies, and sentient beings
Of the boundless Dharmadhatu
With incessant and endless displays of the salvation activities such as
Worshipping, offering, praising, and supplication to Buddhas for staying and teaching

This is not illusive delusion
But the naturally attained inconceivable realm of phenomena
That arises after having thoroughly realized absence of self
And entered the originally pure limitless oneness

Once such boundlessness of boundlessness is comprehended
Great Bodhi aspirations are readily infused into Bodhi activities
No longer vacuous wishes but turned into solid practices
Therefore it is stated in the Sutra that
Bodhi activities of Universal Virtues are far superior to Bodhi aspirations
That is because this utmost wondrous guidance
Blew up into pieces the limitations imposed by
Finite spatial and temporal concepts in subconsciousness

In daily life when one is besieged by worries and sorrows
If one could cast the Wisdom Eye of this boundlessness of boundlessness
On the cages of all conceptual constructions and shatter them
Then no doubt one would escape instantaneously
And right away resume clarity and tranquility of mind

Written in Chinese and translated on November 25, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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