Pure-minded Guan Gong

Yutang Lin

Official standing, martial vigor or intellectual abilities
General Guan in his lifetime never superseded all others
Wholesome pure-mindedness transcended worldly matters
Generation after generation worshiped only this Guan Gong


Guan Gong, during his lifetime, had official standing under Liu Bei, had equals in martial vigor such as Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun, and had far inferior intellectual abilities than Zhu Ge Liang. Nevertheless, generation after generation Chinese everywhere admired and worshiped only him. I think, this is because while he was well accommodated in Cao camp he was never moved by worldly comforts but still held on to pure sincerity and loyalty, and as soon as he learned about the whereabouts of Liu Bei, he declined all worldly fames and wealth, and then escorted Liu's two wives through much hardship on a journey of thousand miles to look for Liu. Such pure-mindedness that transcends all worldly considerations is the main reason why he had been naturally worshiped as a deity by generation after generation of Chinese everywhere.

Furthermore, he was fortunate enough, after he deceased, to have his spirit been guided by a monk to take refuge in the Dharma and became a Dharma protector god. Thus from worldly loyalty sublimated to compassionate power on the Bodhi path, and won universal admiration from both worldly and transcendental spheres.

Recently I thought about the above. Without knowing this, disciple Xin Ping saw in a dream that I drew a Chinese style brush painting of a mighty Guan Gong holding his long knife on a piece of white paper as large as a door. This is an auspicious omen indicating that I should propagate the great pure-mindedness of Guan Gong. Hence, I reverently recorded here all related matters to express my sincere admiration.

Written in Chinese and translated on November 3, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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