Leading Dragons

Yutang Lin

Embroidered dragons surrounding end of sleeves and trousers
Thus grace of Vajrapani will always be remembered
Unexpectedly, on both ends of the collar again dragons appeared
Reminding me that I was granted the Dragon Ball to swallow


Around the end of the sleeves and trousers of my Dharma garment there are embroidered dragons. Thus we commemorate the inspirational experience I had long years ago when in the early morning of the day when I performed fire puja to the Great Northern Heavenly King for the very first time. Then in a dream I saw small dragons, and simultaneously one each forcefully surrounded each one of my wrists and ankles, just as the ornaments one sees on a statue of Vajrapani.

About one year ago in a dream I again saw small blue dragons embroidered on both ends of the collar of a shirt, and the dragons, even though winding, stretched vertically upwards. Later I mentioned this inspirational experience to some disciples in Bei Jing, China, and they started to look for tailor and embroiderer to make such a shirt accordingly. I figured that, since many years ago in a dream I was granted the Dragon Ball of a Dragon King to swallow, therefore now there had been such auspicious omens of "leading dragons" (In Chinese a leader is also called "Ling Xiu", Collar Sleeve, because grasping collar and sleeve can lead a person into certain directions).

Today the shirt with dragons on collar and sleeves arrived here in the mail, so I recorded its inspirational causal origins here for all to share.

Written in Chinese and translated on November 3, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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