Root Yutang Lin

Some can be counted as old practitioners
They have engaged in Dharma practices for decades
Accumulated repetition of holy epithets or mantras in millions
Performed Dharma services such as releasing of lives also many
But when personal problems arise
Tangles in mind cannot be resolved
Spirit low and lost
Could not eat and could not sleep
Lost interest in Dharma practices

Why is it like this
Not because Dharma is ineffectual
But due to the fact that such practitioners have always been
Inexhaustible in self-interests and inextinguishable in worldly considerations
They failed to genuinely replace selfish concerns with Bodhi aspirations
Still regarding themselves as more important than the salvation of all beings
Hence when difficulties arise
They are at a loss to overcome them

May this work reminds Dharma practitioners that
Without fundamental changes
Superficial practices can only serve as decorations at peaceful times
    And even as source of self-pride for having inspirational experiences
No need to come to face the juncture of life and death
Just some adversity is enough to reveal that one cannot let go and cannot open up
Make thorough transformation sooner
To render practices solid and that would be the right thing to do

No need to be concerned about whether others would know or not
To what extent one's sincerity and dedication reach
Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Protectors, all holy ones
Comprehend it clearly like noticing fine details of a newly grown feather

Written in Chinese and translated on October 15, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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