Light Anger and Great Wrath

Yutang Lin

Light Anger

Joyful and compassionate countenance
Why does it carry light anger
Only because sympathy keen
Just disgusted with the deep sorrows incurred by ignorance

Wrathful Countenance

Anger like mighty thunder roars
Outbursts from compassion profound
Striking evil forces into pieces like lightning
The universe reappears in original purity


On the joyful face of Kurukulla there is yet a slight trace of anger. This is because she has pity for sentient beings' sufferings that are caused by their deluded grasping to ignorance, and hence she expresses her slight anger at the sufferings caused by ignorance. Nevertheless, she fully comprehends that ignorance is originally without self-nature, and therefore there is no great anger.

As to the great anger of wrathful Yidams and protectors, it indeed stems from the profound compassion they have for sentient beings in view of sentient beings' constant besiege by evil harassments. Therefore, outbursts of great wrath arise with mighty force to strike at evil hindrances to make sure of their extinction and the consequent reappearance of original purity for all beings to enjoy.

Written in Chinese and translated on October 13, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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