Tea Offering Yutang Lin

Dharma teaches that
One should first of all develop the Bodhi aspiration
Reflecting on my original intention years back
The decision to dedicate my life to Dharma practices
Was motivated by a simple and sincere wish
That sincere ones in the world may encounter this path of liberation
For this goal I would sustain the true path in the world

At that time through my personal experiences
I knew already that Dharma is truthful and non-vacuous
But my mind was not yet expansive enough to include all beings
Only mindful of sincere ones in the world
     As to those lacking sincerity, who could do anything for them

Through long years of Dharma practices
Only then genuinely comprehended that Bodhi aspiration
Should include all sentient beings
And disregard whether they still sustain sincerity or not
The compassionate wish leaves no one outside
     Calculating and comparing belong to beings in transmigration
     Intentions and deeds are matters of personal doing or undoing
Great compassion transcends and no longer cares for such trifles

Even though the real original intention was imperfect as Bodhi aspiration
And yet it was the real motivation that propelled me into the practice path
Therefore, it is recorded here
Such original intention that is in accord with Bodhi
Indeed is worth respect and admiration

Written in Chinese on October 11, 2008
Translated on October 12, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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