Stocks of Merits and Wisdom

Yutang Lin

One keeps in mind to cultivate merits, and so one does charitable deeds
To nurture wisdom through opening mind's eye one practices letting go
Merits and wisdom are harmonized through engaging in Bodhi activities
Dedication and services to Dharma are stocks for the enlightenment path


Performing charitable deeds and sustaining sincerity constitute the foundation for meritorious rewards. Thoroughly comprehended impermanence, and holding no grasping in mind and activities; these constitute the path for cultivation of wisdom and openness of mind. To harmonize the cultivation of merits and that of wisdom into one practice, there is no better approach than to dedicate oneself completely to the propagation of Dharma. As one share of one's efforts had been offered to the great path for all sentient beings' enlightenment, there is naturally an increase of a corresponding share of stocks to the path of one's enlightenment.

Disciple Jing Xing proposed the title in Chinese, and asked me to write a poem or Gatha on it. Therefore, I composed this work. He knew quite well that I am accustomed to giving spontaneous exposition on the spot, so he made the request. Similar to my talks on Dharma, this work was written without premeditation, and completed in an instant.

Written in Chinese and translated on September 27, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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