Xin Ping Witnessed Dragon

Yutang Lin

Xin Ping attended Guru to offer precious vases to the Dragon King
Gentle waves suddenly arrived and soon afterwards disappeared
Witnessed once, and then again, the arrival of a light yellow dragon
This happened right on the twentieth birthday of her dragon son


This morning we offered fifteen precious vases to the Dragon King at his palace. The ocean was very calm. Disciple Xin Ping went into the boat with me. When we were not far away from shore, suddenly wide waves started to come in but the waves rose and fell very gently. Xin Ping was afraid of water, so she kept repeating the mantra of the Dragon King. All of a sudden she saw a light yellow dragon with some green spots moved in from the ocean into the cove. The dragon was very long and had a head larger than what one person's hands can circle around. She thought that it was an illusion, so she closed her eyes and then looked again, still the same dragon there. The dragon arrived with its body moving up and down like waves. She said that, even though she had seen dragons in dreams several times in the past, she still thought that dragons were just legendary. Now that she had witnessed the presence with her own eyes, she knows for sure of their subsistence. And she admires whole-heartedly the ability of Guru Chen to locate the Dragon Palace. Today happened to be the twentieth birthday of her youngest son whose birth semblance is dragon. How auspicious and coincidental it was to have witnessed the presence of dragon on such a date! The vase offering did not take long to complete. When we were ashore again, I looked at the ocean and it was already flat again. The gentle waves should have been the phenomena that accompanied the arrival of the dragon.

Written in Chinese and translated on September 21, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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