Salvation for One and Others Yutang Lin

Fundamentally Dharma teaches that there is no Self
     Thus one could say that there is no deluded distinction of one and others

Ordinarily speaking
     One and others, each has causal opportunities for gaining salvation or not

For one to attain salvation
     One must whole-heartedly dedicate all one's efforts into Dharma practices
     That aims at others' salvation
For others to attain salvation
     One can only propagate the teachings and practices of Dharma equally to all
Consequently, one's salvation lies in efforts aiming at others' salvation
         And others' salvation lies in realizations attained during one's salvation

Completely engaged in activities of others' salvation
     One will gradually gain deeper and deeper realization, and thereby one's salvation

To attain one's thorough salvation
     Need to wait till one's Self is completely vanished during Dharma activities
That aims at others' salvation

Thus we see that salvation for one and that for others
Seem to be two but indeed one, actually one but seems to be two
A practitioner need only concentrate on diligently practicing the Dharma
No need to be distracted by the distinction of one and others

Written in Chinese on September 16, 2008
Translated on September 17, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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