Causal Conditions for Salvation Yutang Lin

Scope of views, aspiration, and depth of dedication
Choices and opportunities for paths and teachers
Sustained or short-lived of one's perseverance
Circumstantial evolvements and entanglements

As complicated and intertwined as all these took part
Each Dharma practitioner's foot-prints made out a path

One might say that
There is no consequence that is certainly to be so
Evolution, progress and even regress of one's practice path
Same as all phenomena in the Dharmadhatu
Are causally a multi-condition mixture
That appeared as results of possibility and probability

The only thing that a practitioner can grasp onto and depend on
Is a sincere and boundless Bodhi mind
    That seeks, for all beings, ultimate emancipation through enlightenment

Walk in the light of such Bodhicitta
Only then can one make steady progresses on the right path
And increase the possibility and probability of attaining full enlightenment

Written in Chinese on September 16, 2008
Translated on September 17, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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