Tolerance among the Same Yutang Lin

Usually people said, sustain the similarity and tolerate the diversity
Tolerance among the same, what could this mean

In the world, it is often the case that, among those of the same
Fighting is most severe and struggles most intense

Same trade compete for profits
Same party fight for powers
Same family struggle over inheritance
Same country segregated into groups
Same rank pushing one another down
Same project blaming others for failures

Just mentioned a few is enough to illustrate the point
Why need to offer a detailed list
The severity and intensity therein
Would be unbearable to narrate

No need to mention all sentient beings
Within same as human beings, already there are countless cases
Of "tolerance among the same" for one to practice

Dharma practitioners should not be trapped within self-disturbance
That is only one six-billionth
If for now one could not take into consideration all sentient beings
At least open up one's mind six billion folds
To practice all sorts of "tolerance among the same" within human beings

Note: Currently the number of human beings is over six billion.

Written in Chinese and translated on September 15, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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