Fading into Light

Yutang Lin

Surroundings absorbed into Yidam, then from lower into upper
Outer layers merged into inner ones, and eventually into light
Mind concentrated on breathing, wisdom purified karmas
Vivid rainbow-like body gradually faded into sky-blue light


In traditional Sadhanas absorption of visualization into Sunyata starts with all surroundings transform into light and go into the Yidam. Then the lotus, throne, sun and moon discs, from lower to upper, merge into the Yidam. The rainbow-like Yidam body merges, from outer into inner layers, into the wisdom being or mantra wheel inside the heart chakra. And then, from outer into inner and from lower into upper, all converge into ever finer parts, until the eventual complete merging into the brilliance of a "cloudless sunny sky."

In the Unification Sadhanas I composed I had added the practice of deep breathing in three stages: inhaling, holding, and exhaling. In addition, I had incorporated, into the breathing practice, the visualization of wisdom and compassion purifying karmic polluted airs. Thus, through the communion in one breath of Yidam and all sentient beings, the nominal distinction between "holy Yidam" and "sentient being" gradually faded away, and hence the vivid visualization of the Yidam body also faded along and gradually away, and eventually the whole Dharmadhatu merged into the brilliance of a "cloudless sunny sky."

During the traditional absorption processes only the final absorption of a fine and short line into light is through "fading." In the absorption process as I composed, it is through concentration of mind on breathing that the visualization is naturally and gradually faded away as a whole. A few days ago disciple Jing Xing raised questions about absorption in my Unification Sadhanas, and hence this distinction came to my attention. Now I wrote it down to help practitioners comprehend this subtle point.

Written in Chinese and translated on September 15, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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