Compassionate Embrace Attracting All Yutang Lin

Sentient beings are stubborn with habitual tendencies strong
Dharma teachings are difficult to comprehend, and their faith lacks sincerity
As circumstances are smooth, they take refuge; when adverse they take leave
As soon as they repented they transgressed again; how could they regain purity

Even though the wondering kid is far away at the edge of the sky, still missed
Occasionally the wonderer looked back and would meet a smiling face in waiting
Compassionate mind has never sustained any calculation or comparison
Ignorant ones, wrathful ones, deluded ones and arrogant ones, all received in oneness

Dharma milk offered to all without expectation of any rewards
Simply wished that sufferings of all beings would be uprooted
What a pity that Dharma practitioners still keep strong grasping
Vehemently heading into horn's end without realization and reflection

Expounding Dharma teachings without a break
Praying and making offerings for others day after day
Even though those departed afar could not be called back
Bodhi aspiration and activities will forever remain the same

Upon request from disciple Jing Xing
Written in Chinese and translated on September 13, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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