Equal Compassion Yutang Lin

Even when one is slandered and misunderstood
One remains silent
Without responding to reveal the accuser's right and wrong
Or the concealed facts of others involved
    Of course, one knows clearly the facts and Dharma rationales involved
Thus, not getting into entanglements of human affairs
Only then can one transcend nets of personal favors and grudges
And gradually attain equal compassion for all sentient beings

If one could not sustain tolerance at some time
Failed to comprehend or felt frustrated
Immediately exploded on the spot, and announced in public
Even though one might have good reasons and was in the right
    It was still not in accord with the Bodhisattva Sila that
    One should not act in favor of oneself and damage to others

Always be considerate of others' circumstances and situations
And pay no attention to injustices done to oneself
    Thus can one transcend the tiny circle of delusion of one's self
And gradually attain the state of mind of Bodhisattvas

Whenever matters arise, one blames others and attacks opponents
How could one become equally compassionate to all sentient beings

Written in Chinese and translated on September 10, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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