Keeping Secrecy Yutang Lin

Vajrayana has Silas on keeping secrecy
Lest subtle and sublime practices be
Misunderstood or slandered by people who grasped to appearances
And thereby divisions and hindrances developed

Also it is to prevent the practitioners from grasping to appearances
And taking inspirational experiences as causes for self indulgence
Without public acknowledgement it is easier to forget and let go
And thus returning to the illusive nature of all phenomena

Revealing secrecy is like
Opening the cover of a steaming pot, or leaving the refrigerator door open
Effective functioning flows loose
Even if one comprehends and regrets later
Resumption of perfection through repentance could not be arrived at in one step

Tantric practitioners had better be watchful in speech and actions
So as to secure smooth and even progress and advancement
Not wasting energy and attention in looking under others' carpets
Single-mindedly practice toward realization for all beings' sake

"leaving the refrigerator door open" was a teaching seen in a dream.

Written in Chinese and translated on September 10, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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