One Mind Yutang Lin

Guru's mind
Is on Bodhi salvation activities
To become one mind with Guru
Is it so difficult

The difficulty lies in one's being tied by "I want, I don't want"
Just follow one's habitual tendencies
Could not comprehend Guru's intentions and feelings

From among views one grasped here and there
Knitted out Guru's behaviors' path
And regarded it as that of an worldling in one's judgment
Arbitrarily proclaimed as such
Thus it became distant from one mind with Guru
Not just thousands or tens of thousands of miles apart

Each word and each action of Guru
Aims at guiding you to reach one mind
Blocking the union of minds in one mind
Is only your worldling's mind

Wake up!

Written in Chinese and translated on September 10, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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