Never Regress on the Path Yutang Lin

A disciple supplicated for blessing so that
There will never be regress on the path to enlightenment

First of all one should recognize clearly that
Much suffering in the world and it is incessant
Dharma can indeed help relieve suffering and guide us to liberation
And hence one aspires to engage in Dharma practices
So that oneself and all those one may get into contact with
Will advance on the path of awakening and
Eventually attain realization and happiness

No need to elaborate on suffering in the world
That Dharma is indeed beneficial will gradually be appreciated
Only after solid engagement in Dharma practices
For Bodhi aspiration to sustain and continue
Daily sessions of Dharma practices are a must

Sincerely wishing for no regress on the path
Guru's blessing is certainly helpful
And yet most fundamental of all still are
No break in one's daily Dharma practices
And in daily life choosing according to Dharma teachings
What to engage in and what to renounce

Hope that the analysis and explanation above
Will enable their faithful receivers and adopters
Never to regress on the path and eventually
Attain full enlightenment sooner

Written in Chinese on August 18, 2008
Translated on August 19, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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