Lost Yutang Lin

A Buddhist who ran into difficult situations said
The path of Dharma practice
He did not know how to continue to proceed on it

Such lost
Is due to not yet recognized clearly that
The guidepost of Dharma practices and activities
Is to uphold the Bodhicitta, the aspiration
Wishing all sentient beings to attain enlightenment soon

With wholehearted aspiration as such
Everyday there are Dharma practices to engage in
Any moment there are sentient beings to care about
Naturally there are endless Dharma activities to take care of
And there is complete absence of considerations about personal situations
Because there is nothing about one's self in Bodhicitta
And hence no need to worry about personal circumstances

The so-called difficult situations
Are nothing but personal affairs
Temporarily lost
Only because one is engulfed in worldly tangles

As long as mind is genuinely set in Bodhi
There would be no need to ask others to knock for awakening

Written in Chinese and translated on August 16, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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