Plain and Light Yutang Lin

Theories not forgotten
Just like indulging oneself in a skyscraper in space
Wishing for miraculous inspirations
Still deludedly attached to sounds and shapes, colors and lights

Plain and light, without extravagance
Only so is the normal state of the original face

Practicing according to the Dharma
One should persevere in loneliness
And at ease with plain and light circumstances
Only thus has one gained some genuine progress on the path

If one's mind is still agitating up and down
One should realize that the grasping to "Self" has not been relinquished

Solidly undertake daily the routines of Dharma practices
Think more and often of all sentient beings who are suffering now
This is the wonder pill that will wake you up from delusions

Written in Chinese and translated on August 13, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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