Waiting for Maturity Yutang Lin

Growth of sentient beings
Takes time
Could not be hurried, nor be compelled
Matured to what extent
Is the result of having undergone trials
And it took the twists and turns of causal conditions

Unfolding of events
Could not be managed
Whether causal conditions would fit or not
Could not be hurried, nor be compelled
To what extent fruits gained
Is the crystallization of efforts and perseverance
Still it took patient waiting for all conditions to meet in harmony

Comprehended thoroughly that all things are just
The coming together and going separate of causal conditions
Besides Bodhi aspiration and faith in it
No deluded thoughts could be graspable
With compassion in heart and mind
Silently waiting
For the growth and maturity of Dharma offspring
And the harmonious meeting of worldly conditions and Dharma conditions

Written in Chinese on August 3, 2008
Translated on August 8, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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