Mouth-to-Ear Instruction

Yutang Lin

Please give me guidance many
And instructions often from mouth to ear
Because I comprehended the teachings but cannot execute them accordingly
I do need your compassionate reminding from time to

Such a pleading was still fresh in the ears
Only said once
Only mentioned two points
     To practice Dharma one should work on disciplining oneself
         And refrain from criticizing others
     Maintain harmony in group gatherings
Immediately wanted to withdraw

Asking for mouth-to-ear instructions
     Only those humble in mind to receive teachings can be benefited
     Those still confused within the fog of personal emotions and views
     Will yield only emotional and biased reactions

Were it not born of genuine Bodhicitta
Who dared to give mouth-to-ear advices

Disciples who can listen to and follow advices are not many
Insisting on self-set limitations, such is often the case
To practice Dharma one should work on disciplining oneself
Serving as Guru one is obliged to adhere to this truth carefully
And dare not maintain the delusion of giving guidance to others

Written in Chinese and translated on May 28, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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