Love Enemy as a Rare Gem

Yutang Lin

A Dharma teaching well known in Tibetan culture says
If someone is opposing you and oppressing you
Then you should hold this person dear to your heart
As if you have found a rare and most precious gem

'Tis not difficult to love thy neighbor
Any ordinary person can accomplish this
Love thy enemy is extremely not easy
    In addition to conquering the complaints and hatred in one's mind
    One also needs to have views and capacity born of genuine universal love

Bodhicitta is boundlessly open
    It could not be trapped within antagonism among people
Bodhicitta is selfless compassion and mercy
    It could not be addicted to right and wrong, favors and damages
Bodhicitta is tolerance in oneness of all
    It could not be grasping to criticism and demands

If there is no one who opposes and oppresses you
Then it would be difficult to test your Bodhicitta to see
    If it is open and clear, compassionate and tolerant
    If it is transcending self-set limits, and harmoniously at ease
Therefore, sons and daughters of Bodhicitta
Do remember and follow the precious Dharma teaching
    Love Enemy as a Rare Gem

Written in Chinese and translated on May 28, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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