Supreme Ocean of Great Compassion

Yutang Lin

To escape and transcend sufferings and anguish in the worldly realms
It would be best to whole-heartedly aspire toward Buddha's virtues
        And single-mindedly imitate Buddha's activities
"Supreme Ocean of Great Compassion"
Is the virtuous epithet of the Red Guan Yin
Once its significance comprehended
One would know what to imitate and practice on

Great compassion universally and equally reaches all beings
    Neither partiality to any particular sentient being
    Nor rejection to any outlandish sentient being
Just as a great ocean embraces and nurtures all sorts of living beings
And yet transcends the antagonism and complex relationships therein
Hence the name "Supreme Ocean"
Just as Blank Essence is supreme in that it has no particular characteristics

A practitioner of Dharma
Rather than criticizing and thereby engulfing all sides in sorrows
Had better remind oneself often: Supreme Ocean of Great Compassion
Thus, in silence and equanimity cultivate ocean-like capacity for
    Tolerance to all beings and transcendence to all worldly matters
And in absence of self-praising and others-blaming complete virtuous deeds
One's mind progresses and sublimates
Merged into the tranquility of escape and transcendence
And thereby infiltrates and permeates one's surroundings
Gradually moving toward peace and harmony

Written in Chinese and translated on May 25, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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