Karmic Conditions

Yutang Lin

Transmigrating in the Six Realms for many lifetimes
Complicated and intricate love or hatred relationships
Who does not have karmic creditors
Anyone has ups and downs

Incomprehensive of karmic conditions born of causal deeds
     That span over past, present and future
One worries over adverse situations and happy for transient good fortune
As situations evolve mind moves up and down from time to time
During happy hours still some worries linger in the background
In suffering the burden of mind is even harder to let go

Recognize clearly that whatever one encounters in life
Is a course knitted by past deeds and intentions
And willingly accept and go through it
Comprehend thoroughly that Dharma can transmute Karma
Guide us toward emancipation
And even help us realize full enlightenment
Thus transforming karmic conditions into Dharma connections
Salvation will not only be for oneself, but will spread to all beings

Written in Chinese on May 12, 2008
As requested by disciple Ji Hu
Translated on May 13, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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