Causal Conditions for Transcendence

Yutang Lin

Remained stagnant is always due to being bound within small circles
Transcendence requires, first of all, clear recognition of Self as source of sorrows
And one voluntarily wishes to be rid of grasping to Self

Through guidance of Dharma
One comprehended that all are originally in oneness
And hence arose the Great Compassion Born of Oneness
Thus aspiring only to be capable of freeing all beings from suffering in transmigration

Having engaged in Dharma practices
Gradually become able to overlook worldly gains and losses
Equally applying Dharma to help save all who seek emancipation
Disregarding personal relationships of kinship and interests
In spreading salvation of Unconditional Compassion

Continuously and diligently
Applying efforts to the practice and propagation of Dharma teachings
After long years of such devotion
Realized original purity of all things, the original oneness of all
Melted into oneness of all things
Displaying all kinds of supernatural functions of salvation
And that is exactly the ultimate Genuine Blank but Wondrous Presence

Written in Chinese and translated on May 10, 2008
As requested by disciples Xin Ping and Ji Hu
El Cerrito, California

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