Not to Blame the Rest

Yutang Lin

Whatever came across me
Regarded it in the light of doing Dharma practice
Hence I comprehended that
Not to blame the rest

Causal conditions are connected throughout the Dharmadhatu as a whole
If one were to blame someone or something, how could the chain be exhausted
Blaming on whoever or whatever, is only a biased view
All things are mutually dependent as causes and consequences
    No beginning and no end
If one were to blame the rest, where could one begin to practice Dharma

Matters of no choices, simply accept them as fruits of one's own Karma
Matters decided by oneself, simply understand that responsibility will born of activities
Applying efforts on practicing the Dharma hinges on
Personal choices in actions and inactions
         Mind abides on all sentient beings and aims at full enlightenment
         That is harmonious union of Wisdom and Compassion

Remember the earnest advice of the old father Sakyamuni
Refrain from all wrongdoings, carry out all good deeds and
Purify your own intentions and thoughts

Working on purifying your own intentions and thoughts
Then you don't blame the rest
And Mind is thus set free from entanglements

Written in Chinese and translated on May 10, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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