Genuine Blank but Wondrous Presence

Yutang Lin

Blank Essence has neither distinct color nor shape
Neither tangible nor delineable
Hence it is said as Genuine Blank
Yet it pervades all things

Even though without distinct color or shape
    And yet capable of displaying colors and shapes of all things
Even though intangible and un-delineable
    And yet it is not absolute void
    But originally present
Hence it is said as Wondrous Presence
But all things it displayed are originally of Blank Essence

Ordinarily when causal conditions are mentioned
    The tacit assumption is that they are only among things
Blank Essence as originally present
And yields boundless application of wondrous presence
This should be recognized as the Fundamental Causal Condition
    That transcended the definable causal conditions

Written in Chinese and translated on May 2, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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