Unconditional Compassion

Yutang Lin

Guru Rinpoche taught that whatever the causal conditions
They will be rightfully benefited
That means to all sentient beings,
Regardless of whatever causal connections we have with them
We will benefit them through guidance in Dharma
So that they will attain full enlightenment

In other words, we should
Transcend calculations of favors and grudges
Disregard gain and loss in benefits and damages
Treat all equally through guidance and protection in Dharma

Transcending considerations of causal conditions and consequences
Is called "unconditional"
     Indeed, it is not without conditions, but only disregarding them

Buddhists who endeavor to cultivate compassion
Should realize that great compassion is as such, unconditional
And make great effort in jumping out of personal considerations

Unconditionally endeavor to build Dharma connections
Build conditions unconditionally and gather them into Dharma connections

Written in Chinese and translated on April 24, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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