Practicing Dharma through Activities

Yutang Lin

Already in possession of many Dharma seals
Still continue to accept seals as offered by disciples
Without intention to accumulate, only natural Dharma activities

From selection of Dharma phrases
The Yin Yang of strokes and arrangements of characters
To association of significance to seal material and seal-top figurine
The disciples received guidance and teachings
Some even had inspirational omens in dreams
    Or experiences of receiving blessings

From beginning to end it is Dharma learning and practices
No wonder Guru and disciples all enjoy doing it without feeling tired

Once the seals were accomplished
Stamps of the seals were posted on-line for all to share, as well as
Reports on their origination and significances that recounted in details
All these helped fortunate readers to equally share the Dharma joy
    And appreciative observers to equally partake the Dharma nectars
Could this be just some habitual indulgence of a few

Capable of transforming daily activities into Dharma practices
Is rightly a demonstration of thorough comprehension of the Dharma

Written in Chinese and translated on March 22, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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