Wise Comprehension

Yutang Lin

Prayed to Buddha
    Failed to become wish-fulfilled

Some would pronounce that it does not work
Some would know to reflect on themselves

Buddha had long since taught clearly that
    It all depends on causal conditions
When causal conditions are insufficient
    How could wishes be fulfilled
With heavy karmic hindrances,
If it could stop deteriorating, that is already a special grace

Those capable of reflecting on themselves
    Obtained superior comprehension instead
When things go contrary to one's intentions
    How should one practice in accordance with the Dharma

Whether one will advance on the enlightenment path or not
Depends on whether the one could comprehend it wisely or not
Most obstructive to progress on the Dharma path
Is still the mentality of being self-righteousness

Dharma practitioners, be vigilant about this

Written in Chinese and translated on March 19, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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