Remembering Tara's Grace Seal

Written in Chinese by Guru Yutang Lin
Translated by Disciple Jing Xing and revised by Guru Lin

Illuminating light shinning from precious ball held by dragon couple,
Universal illumination of wisdom and compassion is Tara's grace,
Compilation of rituals for practices and attainments of enlightenment,
Everlasting pure lineage granting universal salvation to all beings.


Disciple Jing Xing had compiled Guru Chen's works and mine on Tara rituals so as to benefit all practitioners. Upon his request, I had granted it the title "Remembering Tara's Grace." He then had it carved into a seal for me, and the top of the seal is a couple of dragons holding together a precious ball. He then requested me again to compose a poem on the seal, and consequently this poem was written.

A precious ball, held by a couple of dragons, shines lights to illuminate the ten directions; this is just like the salvation of Tara to the sentient beings in the ten directions through the shinning of the light of the union of wisdom and compassion. Compilation of rituals and Dharma texts provides solid guidance for Dharma practices so that attainments could be achieved. And the continuous presence of merits of enlightened attainments in the world is the real source of an everlasting pure lineage's granting universal salvation to all sentient beings.

As we remember Tara's grace we should practice strenuously so as to repay Tara's grace in a minute way.

Written in Chinese by Guru Lin on March 4, 2008 in El Cerrito, California
Translated by disciple Jing Xing on March 19, 2008 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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