Causal Conditions

Yutang Lin

All present or disappear as causal conditions meet or disperse
Those carefully planted and nurtured
Gradually grow, mature and yield fruits
Those uninterested to bother with or remain connected
Naturally wither, discontinue and fade away

Behaving according to personal likes and dislikes
Could bring about decreasing of favorable conditions and
Increasing of adverse hindrances, contrary to one’s wishes

Learn about causal conditions, and then choose one’s moves
Only then can one hope to increase favorable conditions wished for
Or reduce unwelcome adverse situations

Buddhists always act according to causal conditions
They should also study conditions first and then make wise choices
Only then can they have more help and less hindrance on the path
To attain perfect enlightenment sooner

Wishing them well with a prayer from Bath Pond

Written in Chinese and translated on March 16, 2008
After fire puja to Green Tara
El Cerrito, California

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