Dharma's Grace

Yutang Lin

Remembering Tara's grace
    Mind abiding on all sentient beings

Not a moment of such absence
    Liberated at wherever present

Comments for the English rendering of this couplet:

Disciple Jing Xing had a seal carved for me to commemorate my granting of the title, Nian Du Mu En (Remembering Tara's Grace), to his forthcoming book, a compilation of Guru Chen's works and mine on Tara meditations. Then he wanted to have two more seals carved and asked me to grant phrases for the seals. He changed his mind once as to what kind of phrases he preferred, and consequently I proposed two sets of phrases. Then he noticed that the two sets can form a perfect and significant couplet. And that was how this couplet was obtained

Written in Chinese on March 9, 2008
Translated on March 10, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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