Praying for Guru's Well-being

Yutang Lin

Last seven days I had undergone a cold
Disciple Open Mind asked
What can we do for our Guru
Disciple Even Mind said
Whenever we had problems we relied on your prayers
When you are sick whom shall we turn to for help
I replied
Disciples can pray for Gurus
Even Mind said, but we don't have such powers
I said, I did not tell you to do something to Guru
But simply for you to pray to Buddhas
For Guru's speedy recovery

Immediately she prayed to Buddhas at her altar at home
Only a few minutes later
I sensed my body immersed in a blessing power of Buddha
Then the cold rapidly faded away

Some other disciples learned about this and followed suit
And said that they will remember to pray like this
Whenever Guru feels indisposition

Indeed, the length of stay of a Guru in this world
Is also relevant to whether the disciples know to pray for it or not
If all disciples that are causally connected are indifferent to this
The Guru may be reassigned by Buddha to new posts in other places

Written in Chinese and translated on February 13, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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