Sexual Desires

Yutang Lin

Desires for food and sex are simply human nature
As driven by such natural impulses
There are myriads of their expressions
In desires themselves there is no evaluation
And yet in cultures and societies
    There are coloration of sorts to them at various levels and aspects

To sustain harmony and stability
Ethics and religions often stipulated or imposed
All kinds of evaluations and norms

Abstinence, avoiding desires, sense of guilt
Consequences of such suppressions
    Could hardly avoid mutiny, explosion
    Or superficial and hypocritical submission
Instead of reaching the goal of clarity and joyful peace
More sorrows and problems had been kindled

To sublimate desires through noble and philanthropic ideals
And guide efforts into charitable services
Even though fine results from such courses are apparent
    Nevertheless, they could hardly
    Extinguish the embers of desires
As soon as there is an opportunity desires will be rekindled
Good men and faithful ladies due to lack of experiences and trials
Easily got lost and sank deeply

Buddhist Vajrayana teaches us that
Fundamentally one should recognize that all things are originally pure
    In the absence of distinctions of good and evil, purity and dirty
Hence, sexual desires in themselves are also originally pure
And in actual practices
The capacity of mutual enhancement of male and female energies
Can be profitably used to help realize the disentanglement of
    Physical as well as mental entangles, and thus help
    Earlier attainment of Full Enlightenment
Thus, without avoiding or oppressing natural impulses
Desires are directly guided into the right path of sublimation

Furthermore, through practices in Vajra Love union
Practitioners, from under the domination of sexual desires
Gradually rise up to reach genuine transcendence
And then even become capable of transmitting
    Genuine and greatest possible blessings
    Through engaging in the practice of Vajra Love union

Natural impulses and desires can no longer yield harm, but instead
    Have been transformed into powerful tools
    For sublimation into Full Enlightenment
This is the pith essence of Buddhist Tantras

Upon request from disciple Detong Dakini
Written in Chinese and translated on February 4, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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