Yutang Lin

Some people are very smart and kindhearted
Whatever comes around he would say
This should be like this, that should be like that
He has opinions on many things, so he is always very busy
As a result, he is busy and tired all the time
And on every matter he has argument or conflict with others

What he failed to see is
That the world is too large and too complicated
Others' intentions, approaches and deeds
Could hardly avoid having some mistakes and errors
Anyone could do nothing about such a state of affairs
Simply unmanageable

Agreeable to whatever that comes around and is approximately acceptable
One would be relaxed
And others would find one easy to get along with
Mr. Fine Fine
Seems blunt and not responsive
Was born of much experiences and wide and open views
When he practices Dharma he will attain Fine Fine Buddhahood

Written in Chinese and translated on January 20, 2008
El Cerrito, California

Work with same title in Chinese
P0245 Beyond Control

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