Cultivating Bodhicitta

Yutang Lin

Already two Buddhists asked me to compose
A ritual for cultivation of Bodhicitta
One of them even saw in a dream
That I appeared as a monk in white robe, radiating white lights
With facial expression of reluctance, said that
Upon request for Bodhi teaching, not transmitting it would incur
Displeasure of Guru and the Triple Gem
And then passed down something to him

The way to cultivate Bodhicitta is
To set mind on all sentient beings all the time

When one is capable of remaining thus
One will not be confined by self-centered circles
Nor will one become entangled in messy human affairs

Mind set on all sentient beings, view expands boundlessly
From varieties of beings and divergences of their encounters
Naturally wisdom evolves gradually
From incessant sufferings of beings and their tragic situations
Compassion emerges spontaneously, and becomes the sustaining force for diligent Dharma activities

As to my reluctance, it was not due to unwillingness to transmit teachings
Simply it arose from a deep understanding that
It would be too difficult for ordinary people to achieve

Written in Chinese and translated on January 14, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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