Starting Steps

Yutang Lin

The next day after I received my Ph. D.
I donated all my logic books and literatures
To the library of my alma mater
Thus saying goodbye to worldly futures

Then I bought a dolly for pushing things around
For helping Guru to do Dharma services
     Buying things for fire pujas or vase offering
     Delivering Dharma books and holy images
     Transporting turtles and birds for releasing of lives

Completely free from worldly considerations
Simply wishing to dedicate my life into Dharma practices
Thus I started my steps on the path of practitioners

Could not see the future
Only knew that Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are real
In this way I have walked on the path for over twenty-four years

A disciple asked me
How to make efforts on causal conditions
I walked step by step like this and have treaded out a path
A disciple remarked
Could not see the support from Buddhas
I also could not see it, but I have depended on it ever since

Written in Chinese on January 8, 2008
Translated on January 9, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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