Natural Be Fine

Yutang Lin

In speech it runs like rivers and streams
Flushing all the way for thousand miles
In deeds it advances like climbing uphill
Step by step it remains only cumbersome

What was promised could not be achieved
Quite usually so in life
Wishing for but could not arrive at
Causal conditions insufficient

Seen in the eyes, yet hands cannot reach
No need to be anxious
One can only put efforts into cultivating causal conditions
And wait for convergence of opportunities and conditions

Engaging in Dharma practices
In theory one would like to renounce worldly matters at once
    Attain realization of all levels, and immediately attain full enlightenment
In reality one encounters hindrances by scores
    Practices only once in a long while, and even regresses or drifts astray
Both theory and deeds are tied around causal conditions
Plentiful or insufficient, favorable or hindering conditions
    Their coming and going could not be compelled
Hence one reckons, natural be fine
A practitioner can only make efforts along causal lines
Other intentions and considerations should all be let go

Written in Chinese and translated on January 5, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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