Sky Walker

Yutang Lin

Walking around in an airplane in flight
Could also be counted as walking in sky, I think

Once I saw an angel in a dream
After wings folded she walked in the air
Just as humans walk on earth

What is sometimes called Sky Walker in Tantra
Refers to beings who conduct activities in Blank Essence

Blank Essence is in the absence of Self
Therefore there are no worldly considerations and precautions
Only Bodhicitta and concordance with Dharma considerations

Being able to conduct activities in Blank Essence, one is fearless
Hence the titles of Brave Father, Brave Mother

Practicing the Path of Greed without fallen into greediness
One may be called Sky Walker Father, Sky Walker Mother
In short, they are Sky Walkers

As to whether one called Sky Walker can actually conduct in Blank Essence
Surely that is another matter
Don't get entangled by names

Written in Chinese on January 3, 2008
Translated on January 4, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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