Scattered among Stars

Yutang Lin

In tiny bitsy human mind
So many thoughts and feelings are crowded here
No wonder many are full of sorrows
And few are open and happy

Why not scatter all these thoughts and feelings
     to the stars in outer space

Merciful and charitable thoughts, pure thoughts
Deposited on the Moon
In dark nights of human treacherous intentions
We will look up to their clear brightness

Greedy minds, angry minds, ignorant minds, arrogant minds
Suspicious thoughts, envious feelings
Sent to those farthest heavenly bodies
So that they will be lost in the mailing
Or too troublesome to make the long trip for their redemption
Best is to send them into black holes for never return

On each and every star
Think of a Buddha, a Bodhisattva
Or a Guru
When we look up into the sky
Everything in sight would be Bodhi
And our minds would be fulfilled with wisdom and compassion

Written in Chinese and translated on December 27, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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