Rough or Detail

Yutang Lin

Rough or detail in one's handling of matters
    Certainly has to do with individual propensity
However, as views migrate with age and experiences
    Degrees of refinement may be adjusted

Viewing the whole picture
    Difficult not to overlook details
To ascertain reliability
    Need to be careful at crucial joints

To save time and efforts
    One proceeds with thick branches and large leaves
All the time choosing fine points and picking needles
    Hard to step out wide and far

Sketching without missing the fine lines
    It took original sensibility
Refined and yet capable of letting go details
    Thanks to an open panorama

Buddha taught us to practice loose and tight like tuning a zither
In daily life of a practitioner
    Where to overlook and where to be attentive
Are to be groped and figured out gradually
So as to save time and concentrate on Dharma practices and activities
Without being hindered and confined by appearances and formality

Written in Chinese on December 23, 2007
Translated on December 24, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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