Opening Mind's Eye

Yutang Lin

For bits of matters, right in front of one's eyes, that are not to one's liking
    Abruptly left, leaving no room for communication
    Arguing half a day, stop only when satisfied
    Fighting till the sky is turned over, forgotten all the rest
When mind's eye is focused thus
Self-confinement unaware, too narrow to open

Sincerely aspiring for liberation and realization of enlightenment
Remember to open one's mind's eye constantly
To observe all kinds of undesirable situations that beings are enduring
    And thus realizing matters that one is facing are big as sesame
To observe all sorts of skillful means that Buddhas utilize in conversion
    And thus realizing things to learn and practice are vast as ocean

As long as there is still some personal opinion
One's mind's eye is covered

To advance on the Dharma path with an open mind
First open one's mind's eye

When one's mind's eye is open
The light in the eyes of an open mind is so bright

Written in Chinese and translated on December 23, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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