The Sun at Night

Yutang Lin

The Sun emits light and heat in space
Without the distinction of day and night, nor stop nor rest
Buddha reveals wisdom and compassion in Blank Essence
Also without preference and avoidance, nor suspension nor break

Sentient beings on Earth
Incessantly cycling as a result of their common Karma
Moments to enjoy the sunlight are slipping away without stop
Times to be engulfed by dark night cannot be avoided
The Sun at night
Continues to shine upon some fortunate sentient beings

Sentient beings in the Three Realms
Incessantly transmigrating as a result of their individual Karmas
Moments to enjoy Buddha's compassion are slipping away without stop
Times to be engulfed by Ignorance can hardly be avoided
The Buddha renounced
Continues to look after some fortunate sentient beings

Virtuous Guru
Is similar to the Sun at night
Often despised and renounced by worldlings
Only devoted and wise disciples
Can enjoy the cultivation of Guru's spring wind and nectar shower

Written in Chinese and translated on December 16, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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