All Correct

Yutang Lin

Worldly ways center around each one's self
Demanding and requiring much, and quite used to it

To go beyond the worldly ways the key point is to rid of one's self
Always accommodating and humbly yielding, further and further

Both wishing to attain peace and happiness
But views are drastically different

Simply comprehend such differences through causal conditions
Then one would know that all are correct
    This is one explanation of the Dharma phrase: each thing is as such

In speech all aspects are expounded well in details
Their admiration and acceptance are also not a few
When coming to the point of putting theories into practices
There are yet many varieties, each carrying out his own grasping
Because causal conditions actually involved are far too complex

Viewing all these through causal conditions
Still, all are correct
    This is one explanation of the Dharma phrase: each thing stays in its place

A practitioner has never said, I am such and such
    Were it said, he would have been limited by "such and such"
    Were it said otherwise, how could that be determined
One believer said, the practitioner is such and such
One disbeliever said, the practitioner is not such and such
Believer and disbeliever, each had their own causal conditions
That led to their believing or disbelieving

Comprehending them objectively, it is only naturally so
Hence, all are still correct
    This is one explanation of the Dharma phrase: all things are blameless

Having observed all things through causal conditions
And thus comprehending that all are correct
Naturally one would neither bias toward one side, nor grasping to one right
But become liberated in the evolution of matters, free from hindrances

Written in Chinese and translated on December 14, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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