Personal Views

Yutang Lin

Whatever one's personal views may be, none will contest them
But consequences that follow will be one's own; better be careful
Stubborn and biased views will form cages and cells
Whoever goes beyond self-set limits will find sky and earth wide

Views of one person could hardly
Arouse others' care enough
To spend their energies into arguing
If you don't listen to advices, that will be end of the story

But actions and inactions decided by one's views
Will bear upon oneself
Hence it is only proper to be careful

Mistaken and narrow views
Tightly grasped
Shut oneself dead and stiff

If one comprehends how not to be bound by one's thoughts
Only then could one enjoy
Splendors of original openness

Written in Chinese on December 3, 2007
Translated on December 6, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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