Key to Disentanglement

Yutang Lin

Discuss matters per matters sake without blaming people
As soon as "self" is noticed let it go and leave it behind
Things in the past or future are all not in consideration
When self-disturbance is willingly stopped clarity resumes


Right or wrong of matters on hand may well be clarified
Discuss reasons with even mind, without pointing at people

Thoughts involving "self" are outright deluded grasping
How could one be misled by them into turning around

Neither chasing after bygone, nor expecting what might come
Lest one be trapped in the net of entangling thoughts

No longer holding notions of a person or of a self
Not enjoying indulgence in self-disturbance

Constantly follow causal conditions, and
Obey and pay attention to others' original intentions

Written in Chinese on December 2, 2007
Translated on December 5, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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