Dharma Name for Shu Zhen

Yutang Lin

This morning in a dream I said to you
Ji Hu, how are you

It was right near the moment
When your one-week retreat drew to completion
And thus signified compliment from Buddhas
Through bestowing this Dharma name on you

Looking it up in a dictionary
Ji Hu, calling in loud voices, means to propagate vigorously
You devoted yourself into solid practice
Thus became the best advocate
Therefore, the deed invited the well-deserved name

Hope that you will continue with your endeavors
And through solid practices taken step by step
To call out loud and clear
Let go worldly matters to run toward the ferry wharf
And thus starts a wave of Dharma practitioners into renunciation

As requested by disciple Wu, Wei Jian
Written in Chinese and translated on November 25, 2007
El Cerrito, California

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